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In the Boxing Ring


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Learn Proper Technique

It's more than just punching and swinging your arms. Here at the Compound we teach everything from footwork drills and types of footwork to how to throw a proper punch. Obviously head movement and excellent defense from punches is a priority as well. HANDS UP!

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Class Schedule

On typical Monday/Wednesday evenings in boxing class we start warm ups with "moving around" and shadow boxing. We then transition over to mitt work and next learn a few new techniques. It is the sweet science and we treat it that way. Come train with us!


Equipment To Bring

When it comes to equipment we always suggest if you are serious about training to get your own gear. That being said we do provide everything that you will need to participate in a boxing class. Don't forget the Compound has all the boxing stuff you need for sale as well.

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Have Fun!

if you want to be a world champion, we are able to set that platform for you. But, remember, you don't have to have any experience or be a fighter to enjoy this class. We will be teaching everything to you and offering tailored drills to help you progress. Chin down and keep moving forward!


Fill this out and one of our friendly team members will be in touch via email or phone call shortly to get you all the details and goodies, we can't wait for you to start your first class with us!

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