Past Athletes


Sean Loeffler

Owner/Head Coach

  • Pro MMA Fighter – Bellator & UFC – 34-5 Pro MMA Record

  • King of the Cage World Champion

  • IFBL World Champion

  • CFC World Champion

  • NWBF World Champion

  • Gladiator Challenge World Champion

  • Neutral Grounds World Champion

  • BKBA World Champion

  • Tru Form World Champion

  • XFS World Champion

  • 25 Amateur MMA fights + 16 professional MMA & Boxing World Championships.

  • Pro Boxer – Record 52-11 amateur and then 8-1 pro

  • Fought on Showtime for the Roy Jones Jr boxing promotion.

3rd degree BJJ Black Belt under Rigan Machado and Bob Bass (who studied under JJ, Carlos and Rigan Machado for over 30 years, and the 1995 Overall World Jiu-Jitsu Champion. Coach Sean also won numerous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World and Tournament Championships from Lotus Club, Best in the West, Grapplers Quest, Grappling X, and Pan American Titles and medals.

Coach Sean is hands down one of the most informed, technical, as well as connected MMA coaches on the planet. He has the network to manage and coach you to the very top level of the industry. Any form of combat sports our head coach has the ability to help you accomplish your dreams. With one of the most effective, creative, and efficient teaching styles you will ever experience. Start your journey now!


Elj Portee

Assistant MMA Coach

  • Freestyle MMA Fighter

  • Trained and competed MMA in Hiroshima, Japan for 18 months

  • Competed in Nogi & Gi IBJJF Japan in 2014-2015 ×3 multiple gold finalist

  • Fought in multiple organizations (*Cali Cage Wars, *Camo, *Gladiator Challenge California and Hiroshima Japan, *Legacy Fighting Alliance).

  • Competed on UFC Fight Pass for pro debut in MMA

  • (9-2) Amateur Fight Record

  • Won Amateur World Championship

  • (6-4) ProMMA  record totaling

  • (24) total fight currently as of May 2022.

Eljeria will most definitely motivate you to bring your fight game to your very personal best. With an encouraging mindset he will be the one to give you the confidence to go out and get it done! Whether you're a man or woman, this coach will light a fire inside you.


Mike Crosby

Assistant Boxing Coach

“Originally from Los Angeles, California. My deep passion for fitness started at a very young age. My father was a boxer in his younger years and began training me at the age of 12 years old, instilling his knowledge and love for boxing in me. While learning the timeless techniques and art forms of boxing, I also became a superior athlete in Track and Field as a sprinter of the 100 meter PB. While attending college in San Diego I also played rugby for the San Diego Old Aztecs.
Soon after, I attended Job Corps in Imperial Beach, CA and entered the boxing program they offered. Where I was blessed to be trained by prestige Coach Alvorado, who teaches the Cus D’Amato system. Which is a vigorous system influenced by the Mexican style of boxing. Training with such amazing athletes for years lead me to now being a prosperous trainer and teacher of boxing.
Lastly, through all my trials and tribulations of my life so far, boxing has groomed me with discipline, superior strength, athleticism and made me a better man. With the ongoing support and love from my remarkable wife Ayden Skye as well! Which is why I am honored to share my passion and knowledge for the life changing sport of boxing with you!

sio pic.JPG

Siosefa Makihele

Head Boxing Coach

  • 5years competitive USA-Amateur

  • Northern Cal Golden Gloves Champion 03/16/1994

  • Diamond Belt Champion 11/11/1994
    Northern Cal Golden Gloves Champion 3/10/1995

  • Hispanic Chamber Champion 05/27/1995

  • 17-bouts Thursday Night Fights

  • Alaska State Champion 2000

  • Indiana Sweet 16 World Competition Champ 2001

  • Ceasar Palace World Championship Competition Las Vegas Runner-up 2002

  • Muay Thai bout 2006 Temecula

  • With an aggressive fighting style and positive teaching attitude Coach Sio is easily one of the best boxing coaches in the nation. If you want to be a pro or just a weekend warrior that wants to learn some boxing skills, he is your man! An excellent mitt man and very knowledgeable coach Sio will get you where you want to be.


Thiago Gaia

Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach

Graduated in Physical Education in Brazil, Black Belt of 3 Degrees in Jiu-Jitsu, IBJJF, received the Degree from Master Royler Gracie. 1st Degree Black Belt in Judo. Thiago Gaia Ja started to tribute on the Nova Uniao team where he trained with great UFC athletes like; Jose Aldo, Leonardo Santos, Victor Shaulin, Robson Moura, and many others. Then he was invited to join the GFTeam team, training hard with the great UFC athlete Rodolfo Vieira. Fought: Roger Gracie, Marcus Buchecha, André Galvão, Roberto Tussa, Antonio Braga Neto, Rafael dos Anjos, Fabricio Verdum, Bernado Faria, to name a few.

  • Second place world champion – Las Vegas -USA

  • 2nd Place world champion 2006- Los Angeles -USA

  • Second place European Champion – Portugal-Europe

  • South American champion -Brazil-

  • First Brazilian Champion 2010 – Brazil

  • 3-time 3rd Place in the World Championship 2007, 2009 and 2014 – Los Angeles-USA

  • 2021 Heavyweight World Black Belt Silver Medalist

  • Selective Professional of the Champions League in Abu Dhabi 2014 and 2015.


Quantal Langford

Head Wrestling Coach

Originally from Cleveland, Tennessee, Quantal Langford has been part of the Compound MMA for 4 years now as their wrestling coach. Quantal brings a wealth of knowledge as a coach and competitor.  As a varsity high school wrestler he was a 3x Regional champ, 3x state qualifier, 2x state medalist and a state finalist.  Wrestling at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Quantal was a 2x Conference Finalist, Conference Champ and Div 1 National Qualifier.  As coach, Quantal assisted at Walker Valley High School, in TN, aiding multiple state placers and champions. Quantal also coached collegiately at NAIA power Campbellsville University in KY. Helping coach multiple All-Americans and National finalists.
Still competing and switching to other styles, he placed 3rd at a California Catch Wrestling Tournament and 1st in the Blue Belt Division at the Ross Miura No Gi Challenge. He is still training and looking to compete in the future events.
Aside from coaching, Quantal Langford runs a creative and digital media company called The Langford Studio consisting of multiple brands and creative properties under one roof. He’s also an inspirational speaker often speaking to his wrestling class after practices.
He is married to his wife of 17 years, Heather and has two sons and 4 grandchildren.


Tony Brown

Assistant Grappling Coach

Tony is the most positive down to earth team member and coach you will ever meet. He is straight forward, intelligent, and well versed in the grappling arts. Tony wrestled at Fresno State University and was an excellent high school wrestler from Vista, California. He has coached high school wrestling and college wrestling seminars as well. currently he teaches chemistry to college students and takedowns to the kid's and fighters as well. A purple belt in Jiu Jitsu and a 10-year coach of the Compound we are proud and lucky to have Coach Tony Brown.


Santiago Garcia

Assistant Wrestling Coach

Santiago is a young, excited Compound coach with a grinding freestyle, Folkstyle and Greco style of wrestling. Not one for an easy day Santiago is currently a star member and team captain of the Palomar College wrestling team. Helping with the kids and adults Santiago is our young gun!

-2x CIF Placer
-2020 SDS Masters Finalists
-24th ranked wrestler in CA 2020
-SCWAY Grade state champion
-7th at Battle for the Belt (3rd hardest tournament in CA)
- 2x outstanding wrestler award
-Finalist at D-Day on midway freestyle tournament
-11x tournament champion
-4x tournament finalist
- 10x tournament Placer
-Kids club coach for 3 years
-Varsity coach for Valhalla high school for 1 year
-Vista High School head freshman wrestling coach 


Zane Sisneros

Assistant Fight Coach

Zane is a great story all in one person. He originally took the Compound Kid's Classes 17 years ago. Now a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as a champion and gold medalist in numerous martial arts tournaments and fights, The Compound Loves Coach Zane.  Kid's, Ammy's, or Pro's Zane can guide you to become a better verion of yourself.


Sean Sullivan

Professional MMA Fighter

Coach Sean Sullivan has dedicated his life to fighting and Fitness. He has competed in wrestling since childhood where he found his passion for life. He placed in the top 3 at the California State Wrestling Championships multiple times as a kid. He then went on to win 2 High school state championships as well as compete in the NJCAA Wrestling Championship in Rochester Minnesota. He has now dedicated his life to becoming a full time MMA fighter with a professional record of 1-0. When he is not training for a fight, He is working with clients to get them into the best shape of their life’s! He is the head strength & conditioning coach at the Compound responsible for getting our members and fighters in their top physical form! Come take his class every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6pm!

* 2x High School Wrestling State Champion
* College Academic All American
* Head Strength & Conditioning coach
* Professional MMA Fighter (1-0)