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Boxing Gloves

Your Journey Starts Here!

Strength Challenge

Strength Training & Conditioning

It’s More than Sit Ups. We will get you in absolutely the best physical condition of your life. Our coaches thrive and love to make you push yourself past your comfort zone to really turn the corner to real results!

Image by Attentie Attentie


Get Your Heart Pounding And Your Punches Flying! This is where you "get it in". We at the Compound provide the atmosphere for professional boxers to enthusiasts alike.

Image by Pablo Rebolledo

Muay Thai

Learn To Defend And Strike With All Four limbs! Using all 8 weapons: fists, feet, knees, ands elbows. The Compound teaches it all. And to your opponents...Ouch!



Knowing wrestling can be the difference of winning a fight or losing a fight. If you control whether the fight is standing or on the ground... you decide where the violence takes place. We are the gym to teach it!

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu knowledge can render your foe useless. Regardless of strength or size without air or arms the bad guy can't fight back. We got you.

Image by Jonathan Tomas

Sparring Days

Experience what it's like to be at a real fight gym and involved in a real fight. You are NOT a delicate butterfly, and you are NOT made of glass. Try some sparring and see how tough you are capable of being!

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