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The Fight Team

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Managing Your Fight Career

Learn how to promote your very own FIGHTING career. We will teach you how to throw down and mentor you in the business side of the industry. The Compound will most definitely provide you with the best opportunities out there on smaller to giant productions. if you have a dream to be a fighter, we have the stage to set you up for success. Sponsors, booking bouts, interviews, social media, and content are all the things we help you with once you join and are accepted to our Fight Team!

Class Schedule

Fight team practice is Saturday at 12 noon. Now that is not to say that the athletes that compete for the gym are not required to be training every day, because they are. But if you have a competition coming up these practices are mandatory.

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Equipment To Bring

As a member of the Compound fight team, you must have ALL gear involved with MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and Learning. This means mouthpiece, shin pads, MMA gloves, Bag Gloves, Boxing gloves, headgear, protective cup, wrestling shoes, BJJ Gi, water bottle, notebook, and extra t shirt will be expected to always be present in a REAL fighters training bag!

Have Fun!

No matter what. And we mean No Matter WHAT!!! The goal is to enjoy your life. Yes, making money is a goal of ours. Yes winning fights of every type is a goal of ours. Yes making a name for us all is a goal of ours. But The Compound does not overlook the personal satisfaction and journey of Martial Arts.

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Fill this out and one of our friendly team members will be in touch via email or phone call shortly to get you all the details and goodies, we can't wait for you to start your first class with us!

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What Level Of Fighter Are You?

We Will Reach Out To You In A Flash!

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