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No Gi Grappling

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Learn Proper Technique

Grappling classes teach you how to control a person with your own limbs. We all have 2 arms and 2 legs (for the most part). So, knowing how to manipulate another's limbs is vital and becomes a huge advantage into defending yourself.

Class Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursday evenings at 7pm we offer No Gi Grappling. Leg locks, armbars, chokes, and takedowns are all instructed in this dynamic class. Also make sure that you take the wrestling class on Wednesdays to also assist you with all your grappling forms.

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Equipment To Bring

No Gi jiu jitsu lets you have the freedom of grappling without a gi ( simply put "the karate uniform") on. T shirt, shorts, or any type of form fitted clothing, spandex, yoga pants etc. will be perfect. This art is one of the most fun classes we offer at The Compound.

Have Fun!

Grappling is one of the martial arts that you can truly create your own style and even submissions. There is so much fun to be had on the mats. If you make your opposition, say "uncle" or tap out you win so go have some fun and "take a limb home" with you :-)

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Fill this out and one of our friendly team members will be in touch via email or phone call shortly to get you all the details and goodies, we can't wait for you to start your first class with us!

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