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Wrestling Grab

Learn Proper Technique

The compound prides itself on having one of the most well rounded wrestling programs in California. With multiple college coaches and division 1 competitors former and current we are the place for takedowns. 5 point throw here we come!

Class Schedule

Wednesday night we get ready to sprawl, pin, and "shoot the double", "turn the corner", oh yeah and be exausted. The Compound is where to go for that mat time!

Image by Chris Chow
Wrestling Gear

Equipment To Bring

Wear tighter fitting clothes that you don't mind being pulled on and stretched. Learn how to fall and shoot. Learn how to "cow catch" and "three quarter nelson. Learn how to control your opposition with position. New to wrestling or not swing by for a ride around the crash pad.


- Water Bottle

- Wrestling Shoes Preferred

-Head Gear (if you want)

Have Fun!

Smile, your working out and getting the best instruction possible. The Compound has bar none the most credentialed wrestling staff around. No excuses just stop on by.

Wrestle Stance
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