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Learn Proper Technique

We don't just workout and go through the motions. We WORKOUT! Starting with proper technique and keeping you motivated with some awesome tunes and people around you working and sweating harder than ever!

Class Schedule

On a typical day in this class we start with the breakdown of exercises we will be doing on the whiteboard. Then go outside for our warmup round and set up a workout circuit. Then, i'm sure you can fill in the rest. WE GET TO IT!!

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Equipment To Bring

We have everything you need. Just make sure to bring a water bottle and we do actually have ice cold water thats purified at the gym for you to use! 


- Water Bottle

- 100% Effort

Get in Touch!

Have Fun!

Remember, you don't have to have any experience and can be in any shape, it is never too late to start training and bettering you fitness level! Get ready for one heck of a workout!



Fill this out and one of our friendly team members will be in touch via email or phone call shortly to get you all the details and goodies, we can't wait for you to start your first class with us!

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