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Learn Proper Technique

There are many ways to learn Jiu Jitsu. Here at the compound we teach everything from footwork and body placement, to how you take down opponents bigger than you and learning to use your opponents weight against them.

Class Schedule

On a typical Monday/Friday evening Jiu Jitsu class we start warm ups with stretching and getting our body warm , we move over to technique and live partner work drills. and at the end test your skills in a little competition against your partner!

Sit Ups

Equipment To Bring

We don't require you to wear a gi or uniform for this BJJ class. Wear tighter fitting clothes that you don't mind being pulled on and stretched. Also bring a bottle for water, we have a purified drinking water system free for you to to use!


- Water Bottle

- Wrestling Shoes Preferred

Get in Touch!

Have Fun!

Remember, you don't have to have any experience or be a fighter to enjoy this class. We will be teaching everything to you and offering tailored drills to help you progress. Get ready to endure in some of the best cardio there is while having fun and learning!

Matial Arts Training


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